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When it comes to selling your private jet or helicopter, you need to have a team you can trust and that’s committed to selling your jet quickly and at the best price.

Bloom Business Jets has the experience to get the job done. Our experts have been selling aircraft for over 35 years. We have access to a vast network of potential buyers ready to buy your private jet.

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Bloom Business Jets has a proactive approach to private aircraft sales. We have a non-stop sense of urgency to match the most qualified buyer with the seller and we focus on your needs as a discerning client.

To make the transaction process run smoothly, we have a six phase process that is a tried and true sequence of services with milestones that measures successes.

Excellent negotiation skills selling our Falcon. Quick sale in less then 60 days and at top dollar. They are truly Falcon experts!

–CEO, Oil Industry

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Marketing your private jet for sale is a complex process. We work closely with you to manage your expectations and educate you on the entire sales process. We also make considerations for the sale, if it a trade or an outright sale, and how to minimize downtime and set the path for a smooth transaction. At this stage we discuss market trends, set pricing expectations, market timing and set a timeline for closing. Our 35+ years in business aviation not only sets us apart, but will invoke confidence in our proven process.

Now we build a unique transaction solution you’ll need. Our advanced marketing technology will aid us in constructing a marketing plan for your plane. During this phase we scour the market, using our in-depth experience as certified appraisers to make sure we thoroughly understand the market on your particular aircraft. Our analysis of current worldwide markets, aircraft valuations, aircraft demand, and pricing will help you make the best decision when creating fair market value pricing—in your case, the asking price.

In this phase we ready your private aircraft for the sales process. This activity involves looking at your plane’s logbooks to ensure the records are not missing and well organized, as your buyer will want to see perfect logbooks. Logbooks create the value in the plane and tell the history of maintenance, care and custody of the plane. They must be impeccable in order to get the highest price. The next thing we do is take professional photographs, videos, produce a marketing brochure, spec sheet, and all the collateral for magazines, internet advertising, and email blasts. We also ensure prior to any showings that the aircraft is detailed and cleaned. This includes making sure that all the bright work is completed.

In this phase we begin to get the word out. We use our powerful email marketing system to send hundreds of thousands of emails at one time. We launch magazine advertising, including ads in Controller, AV Buyer, Business Air, and other aviation publications. Bloom Business Jets will create an unprecedented online presence by having your aircraft appear in hundreds of locations online. Our distribution of media is uniquely selected for your specific aircraft and this advertising path is worldwide.

Our competent and agile negotiation skills will take center stage during this phase. Constant communications between all concerned parties is vital. We will analyze all offers thoroughly to ensure financial soundness and funds availability . Once we receive an LOI we check the deposit and payment schedules and we coordinate with lenders, and escrow companies. Our attorney will assist in creating a comprehensive purchase agreement and will respond to any letters of intent from the buyers and once an LOI is excepted we have the ability to create a comprehensive proactive purchase agreement that favors you, the seller.

First we need to understand the aircraft maintenance status well enough to project the cost of correction of the discrepancies at the pre-buy. During this phase the aircraft is positioned at the repair facility to ready the inspection process called “pre-purchased inspection”. While the aircraft is at the inspection facility, we babysit the plane, standing guard by watching the process each and every day.  Once the any discrepancy list has been established, we look at the items with a fine tooth comb to understand what the sellers responsibility may be for items that don’t meet airworthiness for the aircraft. The seller will be responsible for fixing any issue that are airworthy in nature. The buyers deposit now becomes nonrefundable, and the timelines in the contract are monitored closely. After any repairs are made and the aircraft is returned to service, we prepare for the closing and delivery of the aircraft to the buyer and to its most tax friendly transaction location.

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