Gulfstream GV

The Gulfstream Aerospace produces the Gulfstream GV (Model GV, pronounced “G-five”) long-range, large business jet aircraft. They derived it from the previous Gulfstream IV. It flies up to Mach 0.885, up to 51,000 feet (16,000 m). It also has a 6,500 nautical miles (12,000 km) range. 

Additionally, it typically carries four crew and 14 passengers. It first flew on November 28, 1995, and entered service in June 1997. The US military uses it under the designation C-37A.

The Gulfstream 500 was the first contender in the ultra-long-range private jet category.  It can fly anywhere worldwide —  nonstop flights from Denver to Beijing or New Zealand to San Francisco.  GV Gulfstream is highly reliable and high-performing.  

The ultra-long-range private jet class is very exclusive and competitive. It is where the GV competes well.

It is ideal for those who can quickly complete cross-country or international flights. The Gulfstream V’s range/payload capacity, speed, and reliability make it a first-rate ultra-long-range private jet.

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From impressive range to remarkable performance, the Gulfstream GV sets a new standard in luxury aviation. Flying at speeds up to Mach 0.885 and reaching altitudes of 51,000 feet, it covers 6,500 nautical miles without a stop. Ideal for long-distance travel, it seamlessly blends speed, capacity, and reliability, making it a top contender in the ultra-long-range private jet category.

Seats Full Range (NM / SM): 6093 / 7012
Ferry Range (No Payload) (NM / SM): 6,508 / 7,489
Balance Field Length (Take-off Distance in Feet): 6,045
Landing Distance (Feet): 2,864
Average Block Speed (KTS / MPH): 476 / 548
Normal Cruise (KTS / MPH): 475 / 547
Long Range Cruise Speed (KTS / MPH): 448 / 515
Fuel Usage (Gallons Per Hour): 485.00
Service Ceiling (Feet): 51,000
Useful Payload With Full Fuel (Lbs): 1,463
Maximum Take Off Weight: 90,500
Maximum Landing Weight: 75,300
Basic Operating Weight: 47,190
Total Usable Fuel Weight: 39,975


range map gulfstream GV

With a spacious cabin measuring 6’2″ in height, 7’4″ in width, and 50’1″ in length, the Gulfstream GV offers unparalleled comfort. It accommodates up to 13 passengers with a minimum crew of 2, ensuring a luxurious flight experience. Produced from 1995 to 2002, the GV remains a popular choice with approximately 191 aircraft still active.

Minimum Crew / Maximum Passengers: 2 / 13
Baggage Capacity External / Internal (Cubic Feet): 0 / 226
Cabin Height (Feet): 6’2″
Cabin Width (Feet): 7’4″
Cabin Length (Feet): 50’1″
Cabin Volume (Cubic Feet): 2265.63
Years in Production: 1995-2002
Active Fleet (approximate): 191

cabin specs Gulfstream GV

With its exceptional performance and efficiency, the Gulfstream GV sets a high standard in the ultra-long-range jet category. Its comprehensive maintenance and fuel costs ensure reliability and top-tier service. Experience unparalleled luxury and dependability in every journey with the Gulfstream GV.

Airframe Maintenance Per Hour: $879.00
Engine / APU Maintenance Per Hour: $927.00
Fuel Cost based on Gallons Per Hour: $2,061.25
Crew Misc.: $554.00
Total Variable Cost Per Hour: $4,421.25
Cost Per NM: $9.29