Aircraft Sales

Marketing and selling your business aircraft is a complex and involved process. We at Bloom Business Jets are experts at guiding sellers through it all while helping them receive top dollar for their plane, helicopter or jet. We start with a careful and complete analysis of your aircraft’s condition, including the status of required inspections, scheduled maintenance, pending overhauls and other capital improvements that will affect its value. We also factor in the health of the existing aircraft sales environment and current trends with your aircraft’s make, model, age and condition to assess its fair market value. This analysis helps us determine the proper market positioning for your aircraft and assures that you will realize the maximum return on your sale in the shortest amount of time. In addition, we help sellers navigate through the often complicated maize of tax issues that go with any aircraft sale, including IRS Section 1031 exchange considerations. We also insure that operative agreements are properly drafted and that they appropriately bind the purchaser to important terms and conditions while minimizing the seller’s exposure.

In short, Bloom Business jets creates a seamless, well-planned process that includes a marketing plan complete with advertising in all appropriate media to generate maximum exposure. We also contact dealers directly to increase your market penetration. Meanwhile, we keep sellers informed every step of the way by providing real-time, secure web-based summaries of our marketing efforts and results. We also provide our sellers access to market transaction summaries of comparable aircraft for sale listings.

Bloom Business Jets Provides:

  • Expert analysis of your aircraft’s market value
  • Expert legal and tax advice
  • A marketing and advertising plan to ensure your aircraft receives maximum exposure
  • Regular communication throughout the entire sales process


Capacity: 6-9 people
Speed: 250-330 mph
Range: 1100-2000 statue miles

Capacity: 5-8 people
Speed: 460-510 mph
Range: 1600-2200 sm

Capacity: 7-9 people
Speed: 490-570 mph
Range: 2700-3300 sm


Capacity: 6-13 people
Speed: 490-605 mph
Range: 3100-40000 sm

Capacity: 8-18 people
Speed: 500-570 mph
Range: 4000-7000 sm

Capacity: 30-400 people
Speed: 440-540 mph
Range: 1500-6000 sm


Capacity: 20-100 people
Speed: 490-590 mph
Range: 3000-39000 sm

Capacity: 4-6 people
Speed: 150-194 mph
Range: 450-591 sm


Current Aircraft Inventory


1986 Hawker 800A

A little bit about the plane, The Hawker 800A was the first of the -800 series. Needless to say, the private jets of the 800 series are among the most popular in the private jet industry and continue to meet the high performance standards that they are known for. Perhaps the most well-known member of the 800 series is the Hawker 800A with it’s stand up cabin full size lavatory and plenty of room for luggage.  The plane has 2,400 nautical mile range and a wide comfortable cabin the 800A deliver on all fronts.   This plane has excellent pedigree owned by fortune 100 company in the oil and gas industry.  The plane has just finished up a series of major inspections and has received the highest degree of care and custody.

The  landing Gear, is not due overhaul until 2022.  The E, F, G inspections as well as 12, 24,36,48 month items have all been completed in the last 8 months!  The very dependable Honeywell 731 Engines are on MSP GOLD the best program Honeywell offers.

The plane is “Turn Key” and I give the plane a solid 9.0 on Paint and interior, a bit higher on the interior, the paint is brilliant and has a nice gloss to it.

We are Ready to make a deal!  If you want to see the CAMP I’m happy to send it over. The plane and logs are easy to see at Centennial Airport. The plane would not need much of a pre-buy since the major inspections were recent. All systems are working in normal conditions.  The last picture was just taken a few days ago as you can see the paint is in very very good condition.

#1 Engine:  Time to next “MPI” Major Periodic Inspection or Hot Section is 861 hours.    Time to Next CZI or over haul is 2,967 hours

#2 Engine:  Time to next “MPI” Major Periodic Inspection or Hot Section is 828 hours.    Time to Next CZI or over haul is 2,928 hours

The plane is easy to see and we are fielding offers now!  855 – BLOOMJET

IMG_1294 Bloom 800A Spec 800A IMG_5017FWD left club IMG_4998