Aircraft Sales

Marketing and selling your business aircraft is a complex and involved process. Issues include a competent analysis of the aircraft’s condition, including the status of pending required inspections, pending overhauls and other capital improvements that affect the aircraft value.The analysis will take into account the¬†existing market and market trend as a whole as well as the specific make, model, age and condition of the project aircraft. Only with competent analysis of all of the relevant factors can the seller be assured of proper market positioning which will result in maximizing returns and minimizing the time on the market. Other factors to be considered are proper tax planning, including IRS Section1031 exchange considerations, and properly drafted operative agreements that appropriately bind the purchaser to performance while minimizing the seller’s various exposures.

Bloom Business Jets will create a seamless sales process for you. As your agent we accurately appraise your aircraft’s value and properly position the plane for sale in the market. Our transactions are well planned and managed every step of the way. We create a marketing plan complete with advertising in all appropriate media to ensure that your aircraft obtains maximum exposure and contact the dealers directly to ensure strong market presence.

We will provide a real time summary of marketing efforts and results on a secure page within this website. As a Bloom Business Jets customer, you will also have at your fingertips access to market transaction summaries of the comparable aircraft listed for sale.

Bloom Business Jets Provides…

  • Expert analisys of the market value of your aircraft
  • Expert advise on legal and tax considerations
  • Marketing and advertising plan to ensure your aircraft obtains maximum exposure
  • Communication throughout the entire process

Rely on the experts at Bloom Business Jets to sell your aircraft!

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